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Airborne Law Enforcement 
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American Bar Assn.
Litigation Seminar
Ethical Implications of witness preparation
New York City (2013)  

American Bar Assn.
TIPS Aviation
Demonstrative Evidence

Washington, D.C. (2016)

Lawyer Pilots Bar Assn.  
Litigating Federal Tort Claims

(2013) Whistler B.C.  

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Claims Involving Drunk, Stoned
or Distracted Driving



The CDC reports that 1 in 3 traffic fatalities are caused by drunk drivers. To avoid a crash, a driver must perceive a hazard, react to it and allow time to stop. Attentive drivers typically take 2 seconds to perceive a hazard. At 60 mph, it then takes about 359 feet to stop.  For tired drivers, or those under the effects of alcohol, medications or fatigue, perception and reaction times are greatly slowed. Distracted drivers may not react to a hazard at all.


Distracted Drivers


Florida has been named the second worst state (after Louisiana) for distracted driving.  For victims of phoning, texting, Tweeting or Facebooking drivers, Florida law may provide a recovery of punitive damages.


Intoxicated Drivers


A driver of a motor vehicle, including a  lawnmower or golf cart (but not a horse),  who is intoxicated, or stoned with drugs (prescribed or illicit) and who injure someone else by their recklessness, may be obligated to pay their victims elevated penalties in a civil lawsuit.


Bars & Taverns


While the law protects bars, taverns and package stores in most circumstances, their decision to serve someone under the legal drinking age or to continue serving an obviously intoxicated patron may allow a victim to bring a claim.


Social Hosts


With few exceptions, social hosts furnishing their guests of legal age are typically immunized by Florida law.





If you have been injured in an accident involving an intoxicated or distracted driver, please contact me to discuss your options.

















Accidents involving:

Automobiles & Trucks
DUI crashes & Claims against Taverns

Airplane and Airline Accidents
Boating & Cruise ships

Motorcycles, Bicycles & ATVs

Workplace Injuries

Construction sites

Dangerous premises
Defective Products

Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices 
Medical Negligence
Slip & Falls
Negligent Security

Unsecured Vicious Animals 


International Claims:

Airline Injuries
Maritime Injuries