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The U.S. Supreme Court
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Middle District of Florida
 Northern District of Florida
Southern District of Florida
Western District of Michigan 
 District of Colorado 
High Court of Kenya at Nairobi
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Western District of Oklahoma
Arizona Federal Court
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New Mexico Federal Court
 Kansas Federal Court
Southern District of New York
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District of Minnesota


Commercial Pilot:
Single & Multi-Engine
Airplane & Helicopter Rated
Instrument Rated
Former Member:
Jacksonville Sheriffs Aviation Unit
& Angel Flight




:Airborne Law Enforcement 
Lectured police pilots on Safety and Legal topics in Orlando (2013) and Phoenix (2014) National Conventions.


American Bar Association
Litigation Seminar
New York City (2013)

American Bar Association
TIPS Aviation
Demonstrative Evidence
Washington, D.C. (2016)

Lawyer Pilots Bar Assn.  
Litigating Federal Tort Claims

(2013) Whistler B.C.  

Aviation Seminar

(2017) Boston

Adjunct Law Professor:


Aviation Law


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Recognized Authority

I am often called upon by local and national media to explain important legal topics and my cases have international interest. Above, a reporter from PIX 11 News, a New York CNN affiliate, interviewed me at the U.S. Capital for its three-part expose on air traffic control negligence.


Fundamental Failure of the FAA
Plane & Pilot magazine recently featured a story condemning the FAA for its lack of emergency training that caused the deaths of my client and his two passengers in a B35 Bonanza. 

FAA to pay between $9 and $10 Million 
Flying Magazine reported my verdict resulting in recognition that traffic controllers are obligated to provide accurate, complete and timely weather to pilots.

AOPA Magazine reported the accident involving my client's Pilatus PC-12 crash that resulted in the loss of his entire family.



ATC Negligence
AOPA reported my claim involving an air traffic controller who vectored my client into a violent thunderstorm.










In 2016, I was   interviewed by a local NPR affiliate to discuss military accident claims.






The Florida Times Union and Daily Record reported that I was approved by Kenya's Attorney General to act as the lead advocate in a Nairobi trial.



  Officers Sue Over Boat Crash

My claims involving two Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrolmen that were badly injured when their police boat crashed into an unlit support pier during Super Bowl festivities was reported by local and national media.   

Air Force Pilots Crash After Rejecting Fuel 

Air Force Times reported my claim for a civilian aircraft mechanic after two active duty pilots exhausted fuel and crashed an Air Force  DHC-8 in Africa's Mali desert. The mechanic had urged the pilots to take on more fuel at its last stop but they ignored him.


Landmark Accidents

AOPA represents the largest community of aviators in the World. In 2007, it reported on one of my air traffic control trials involving a mid-air collision over Florida.  


$351,319 Trial Verdict
for Bar Patron

The Florida Verdict reporter published the recent $351,319 trial verdict for my client who sustained a bilateral fractured jaw requiring surgery after a bar's bouncer's punched him without provocation.

Love Story & Legal Battle
Same sex couple seek damages


The media reported my litigation and appellate work after my trucking crash client's long-time same-sex partner was unable to pursue a claim for her losses in the courts.  "Garrison and Bashaway's attorney, Barry Newman, says the law recognizes that a serious accident often leaves a huge impact on a spouse, and the spouse deserves damages too. It's called loss of consortium. It is a very unfair dichotomy in our Florida law that someone could be married five or six days and have a claim and someone who is in a committed, loving relationship such as Melinda and Judith for 14 years, don't share that same right," said Newman


$1.3 Million
Post-Trial Recovery

     The Florida Jury Verdict Review published my 2013 trial verdict for a pedestrian injured in a Tallahassee intersection collision. 




Barry Newman recently lectured law enforcement pilots from agencies around the World on Safety and Legal topics at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association's 2013 and 2014 conventions.

Wellington couple killed
in plane crash near home

By Paola Iuspa-Abbott  August 20, 2007

     The pilot of a home-built  Thorp T-18  aircraft and his wife died in a crash just moments after takeoff. . . . Barry Newman, an aviation law expert with the Jacksonville firm of Spohrer & Dodd, said the FAA inspects home-built planes after they are completed to make sure they are assembled properly and requires annual inspections by an FAA-certified mechanic. . . 


Barry Newman lectured on Ethics at the ABA's aviation seminars in New York and Washington, D.C.  




Lawyers Sue State
Over Adoption Backlog

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Nov. 25 /PRNewswire/ --

 In an unusual legal action, attorneys and children's rights advocates, Helen Spohrer and Barry Newman, filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in the First District Court of Appeal today. The filing, which comes just three days after National Adoption Day, asks The First District Court of Appeal to force Florida's Department of Children and Families to end an adoption backlog of more than 100 children in Duval County, Florida. "There are at least 100 children in Duval County who should have been adopted by now, but are caught in the system's red tape," said attorney Helen Spohrer in a press conference held yesterday in Jacksonville.

Teen Driving Safety
Amanda Zitzman, First Coast News
April 27, 2012 -

     I was interviewed by First Coast News for a story concerning teen driving. . . New devices such as the "CarChip Pro" are helping to put mom and dad in the back seat while their teen is behind the wheel. But would you use it? "I think so," Barry Newman, a local attorney who deals with reckless driving cases, said. "The problem is, what do you do when you have the information?" Newman said he doesn't use a device on his 16-year-old son's car, but he would consider looking into it.






























  • Receive proper medical care for any injured persons. Call an ambulance if necessary or visit an emergency care facility as soon as you leave the scene of the accident. It is important to note, some injuries may not be immediately apparent for this reason, it is crucial to be examined by a doctor.









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